def start_new_blog():
	current_blog = Blog()
	while True:
	    if current_blog.number_posts > 2:

If you’ve been to my website before today, you’ll find that I’ve clearly restarted a new blog. Guilty.

Beyond my avid blogging during my semester studying at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore (signals-from-singapore), I have been utterly lazy about writing content. Last year, around this time, I fired off a Medium blog. I had high hopes to post about all things Raymond, but quickly failed. Whether or not its a product of my commitments to coursework and campus organizations, I’m guilty and I’ve decided to (yet again) start fresh.

Why the new design? I hate the old design. I want my website to revolve around content (blog). And I also really don’t like Medium.

I only really became familiar with Medium during my semester abroad when I was posting at least once or twice a week. Hundreds of photos and tons of written content. Medium is all about content distribution right? Easy interface to get content out rather than waste time producing a design that can make content easy to digest. … Sure … at first. You start writing posts, uploading photos, building a story and then all of a sudden Medium changes up the UI on you. Then what? Re-write? Re-structure content? Who knows. I can count at least 4 or 5 times where Medium (without announcement) changed the layout of my articles. That sucks. So, I’m moving here and taking back my freedom.

In all honesty though, I’m kinda-sorry to anyone who’s read my stuff – that we’re both here now – but we are. Hopefully this isn’t just another call to start_new_blog(), but a beginning to some serious active content.